Schlock Footage 2: The Schlockening

LAURAHello future posterior reader! If you’ve scrolled down this far, then I’ve either succeeded in posting new material to this site, or else this post is at the top of the page, where I left it today on 9th Fedruary 2016. It was here that I decided to dust off the old login details and make the most of a brand- and SEO-friendly web address.

A lot has happened since I’ve been away – I have been steadily completing my PhD dissertation on critical rhetoric and David Foster Wallace, I’ve learned new things about marketing and communications, and I’ve participated in a wide range of events that I’m going to promote through Schlock Footage, along with any good writings I might find or produce along the way.

But if you scroll down any further, you’ll find reviews of movies from about five years ago. I can’t necessarily vouch for their quality – I would definitely approach the movie ‘Sucker Punch’ in a different way today. These reviews have been slowly feasting off of search engine attention, due to an accidentally-effective eye for film stills (whose fair use for commentary seems assured until I am told otherwise). In 2012 – even without the benefit of you know, new material – the site received 8,000 hits. I still get about 40 referrals from google in a year, for healthy things like ‘sex on the mountain’ (which I imagine turns up El Topo and the Holy Mountain). Anyway, caveat emptor and all that Ferengi nonsense from this point in.


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